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Alternative to traditional Medicare A.K.A part C   Administrated by private insurance companies. These plans have low premiums with co-pays and a Maximum out of pocket limit.                    Most plans you have a network of doctors and hospitals (HMO). Some plans have  a larger network of hospitals and doctors with a option to see a doctor or hospital out of network outside of network at a larger co-pay (PPO). All co-pays may include primary care doctor, specialist, hospital stays surgery, ambulance to name some of the common. Preventive care at no cost.Most plans cover Prescription drugs some dental, vision, hearing, fitness and OTC.


Medicare will pay its share of the Medicare-approved amount for covered health care costs.Then your supplement will pay its share. You can see any doctor that takes Medicare with no network, no copay, only deductible is your yearly part B. Standardize plans so premium and company is your only difference changes, prices vary from plans but about 130 a month. Does not cover prescription , drugs, dental or vision


 A plan to go along with your Medicare supplement, These plans have a monthly premium, co-pays and deductible. All plans have a specific formulary. Every year during open enrollment October 15 thru December 7 you need to check your current plan for premium, current prescriptions and pharmacy or mail order are in the lowest cost plan as these change from year to year 


Cover the hospital stay  $100-$500 days 1-8 depends on your advantage plan co-pay. Can pay emergency room, ambulance, doctor visit benefits. Cash paid directly to you to use as you see fit. Guaranteed coverage for life. Your acceptance can be guaranteed with a simple yes/no application


Provide affordable protection that pays benefits directly to the person you choose to take care of your outstanding medical bills, unexpected expenses or debt that you may leave behind.  Benefits from 2,000 to 40,000. Issue ages from 45 to 85. most plans have accelerated death benefit for terminal illness or nursing home confinement.


Are you planing on living on Social Security alone? Will you outlive your current retirement plan due to ups and downs in the stock market? Do you have a 401K that you will start having to pay IRS penalties?  Annuities can give you the satisfaction of protecting your investment that you can not outlive or can pass down to loved ones


Dental Plans vary from 1,000 to 5,000 Max benefit. Prices, waiting period and benefits vary from plans so I can find a plan to fit your needs

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