For many years Lowell worked in the retail industry for some of the most well known fortune 500 companies.

In 1984 Lowell married his wife Samantha and they soon had two sons, James and Michael. The family moved many times  over the years before finally coming to rest in Missouri where they settled in. Lowell eventually found he could no longer work the long hours on concrete floors as had been his  love and decided to go into insurance like his father before him. For the last 10 years Lowell has worked to provide his clients with reliable service and reasonable rates. In order to do so, Lowell is an independent broker, representing multiple companies so that he can offer the best rates for every clients needs, not just make sales for the sake of selling. Lowell’s father, Sid, was an insurance agent for almost 40 years, and Lowell learned early on the importance that an agent can have in the health and well being of a family.

Lowell continues to offer his services in the industry, and invites you to become part of his family.